The insurance needs for non-profit businesses create a unique situation of circumstances. While each venture is unique, typically there our two important issues inherent in the non-profit industry. The first is that the business typically relies on a fixed income and needs to make sure their insurance costs don’t fluctuate beyond their means. The second issue is that the non-profit industry in our country relies on the goodness of our people and the volunteers that come forward to lend their time and expertise.

    Unfortunately, our litigious society has forced a whole new set of rules on volunteers in America due to the liability they assume when they donate their time to a worthy cause.

    You can’t offer to be an adviser, coach, instructor, or board of director these days without the assumption that you can be personally responsible should something go wrong. While the rules of liability may not be practical, they are real and enforceable under the law. This is why every non-profit company needs to make sure they have the proper general liability coverage in place and, if applicable, a director’s and officers (D and O) policy.

    D and O coverage provides liability to cover the individual volunteer or officer should they be named in a suit. Thompson and Peck, Inc. has a relationship in place with multiple insurance carriers that provide coverage for almost any type of non-profit organization such as religious institutions, fundraising ventures, and recreational facilities just to name a few. These special insurance programs are designed to protect the organizations as well as the hard working individuals who donate their time to help others.

    As a trusted choice agent, we work with the non-profit industry to create a program that meets their needs and satisfies their budget. Since we represent so many multiple carriers, we are able to leverage the premiums offered each year to maintain the pricing needed to relieve the pressure on the organization’s budget. You work hard for others and Thompson and Peck, Inc. has worked hard to earn your trust. Please contact us to see if our programs and expertise in this area can benefit you.